Financial Education Videos

KGW and OnPoint teamed up to provide resources that teach sound financial behavior to the next group of consumers entering the credit market. Check out the videos below to find out more about a variety of topics like building savings, planning a budget and more.

Build Emergency Savings
Learn how to build emergency savings with this easy tip.

Keep Track of Your Credit
Learn how you can keep track of your credit.

Build Your Credit
Find out how you can build credit history without going into debt.

Pay Off Debt After College
Paying off debt after college doesn't have to be as hard as you think.

Spend Your Pay Raise Wisely
Learn how you can spend your pay raise wisely to help improve your finances.

Save More of Your Paycheck
Learn about an easy to use strategy to help you save more each month.

Your Credit Score
Learn how to keep your credit score healthy to take advantage of the lowest loan and credit card rates.

Avoiding Fees
Avoid unnecessary fees and penalties with these handy tips.

Building Savings
Easy tips to help you build your savings.

Planning a Budget
Get your budget under control with these helpful tips.

Buying vs. Renting
Learn how to determine if you should purchase or rent your next home.

Life Insurance
A Term Life Insurance policy is an affordable way to protect your family. It's an important part of any financial plan.