How effective are financial advisors at helping people achieve their financial goals?

Did you know that people who work with financial advisors are twice as likely to be on track with their retirement savings plan?4 Not only that, but financial advisors can boost retirement income by more than 20 percent over the lifetime of an investment.5

Your finances have a major impact on your life; making periodic financial evaluations a priority may help grow your wealth. A financial advisor can provide guidance to help get you started out right. These professionals aren't only about the numbers - they're real people who care about your future and your goals.

When you meet with your financial advisor for the first time, they will ask you about your career, your life aspirations and your vision for your financial future. Then, your advisor will provide options and offer advice about how to invest your money to help bring you closer to what’s most important to you.

Having a secure retirement fund is great, but what about today? Read our infographic to learn more about the process and benefits of working with an OnPoint Financial Advisor.

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