Identity Theft Resources

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the United States today, according to the Federal Trade Commission. Identity thieves obtain personal information from unknowing victims, stealing their identities to access credit, products and services. The end result can be devastating, leaving the victim’s good name and credit history in shambles.

Identity Theft Protection

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The following sites can provide even more information about protecting yourself against identity theft:
Identity Theft Resource Center
U.S. Government Identity Theft


Who to Contact

Contact these companies if you’ve been a victim of identity theft to protect your credit score:

TransUnion: 800.888.4213 (
Experian: 888.EXPERIAN (
Equifax: 800.685.1111 (

Inform check security companies of any fraud affecting your accounts by calling them directly:

Table data for Identity Theft Phone Numbers
Alert Me
National Check Fraud Center 1.843.571.2143
SCAN 1.800.262.7771
TeleCheck 1.800.710.9898
CrossCheck 1.707.586.0551
Chexsystems 1.800.428.9623
CheckRite 1.701.214.4123