Bundle Rewards

Your OnPoint membership grows with you — make the most of it.

As a member of OnPoint you are eligible to receive member benefits and discounts including:

  • 0.25% APY increase on any published CD rate2
  • 0.25% off consumer fixed APR loans3
  • Up to $175.00 off closing costs on a Home Equity Line of Credit4
  • Up to $250.00 off closing costs on a first mortgage5
  • Benefits apply to promotional pricing

Qualifying for Bundle Rewards is easy! All you need is a Savings Account, a Checking Account with e-services and any two of the following additional services:

*Not NCUA insured. No credit guarantee. May lose value.

All OnPoint loans are subject to credit terms and approval. Each loan counts as a qualified product. For example: A member with Savings, Checking and two Auto Loans qualifies. Eligibility starts at the time a second additional service originates. Bundle Rewards available upon request.

1Bundle Rewards Savings and CDs.
2APY=Annual Percentage Yield. OnPoint Community Credit Union will add 0.25% to Certificate of Deposit (CD) rates. This offer is only available when a new CD account is opened. 
3OnPoint Community Credit Union will take 0.25% off consumer fixed APR (Annual Percentage Rate) loans. This offer excludes line of credit products except for fixed rate portions and excludes the refinance of existing OnPoint loans. Auto payment from an OnPoint Checking or Savings account is required.
4OnPoint Community Credit Union will waive up to $175 off closing costs on any new EquityFlex Line of Credit product. 
5OnPoint Community Credit Union will waive $250 off the closing costs on any new first mortgage loan. This offer applies to all OnPoint Mortgage standard products and cannot be used in combination with any promotional offers.