Giving - Contribution Request Form

Thank you for your interest in OnPoint's Community Relations process. Please be sure to review the guidelines for eligibility before completing your application. At the end of the form, you will be asked to attach a W9 for your organization. You can access a blank copy of the form here.

Organization Name
If approved, check will be made payable as listed here.

Official outcome will be sent to this address. Must be official mailing address of the organization.
Mailing Address 2
Two-letter abbreviation
5 digits only

Two-letter abbreviation
5 digits only
Contact First Name
Contact Last Name

Status updates related to your request will be sent to this email address.
Organization Website
No links to file sharing sites (Google Docs, Drop Box).
Program or Event Name
Amount Requested
Event Date (if applicable)
Date Funds Needed By
Please allow at least 60 days for review. See note below.

Please note: Organizations should submit the Contribution Request Form at least 60 days in advance of needing a decision/funds. You will receive an email confirming the date a decision will be provided upon completing the form.

In addition to the information provided in this application, please attach a completed W9 form for your organization.

Additionally, you may attach one PDF or Word Document which supports your request. Examples include a cover letter, event flyer, brief statement about your organization or testimonial, etc. Please limit total attachment size to 2 MB.

No links to file sharing sites (Google Docs, Drop Box), please. Actual file uploads only.
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