Security Center

In September 2017, Equifax announced a data breach incident which impacted 143 million US Consumers. OnPoint was not a part of this breach, however with an incident of this scale you may be concerned about the effects this breach will have on you and your credit.

The security of your personal and financial information is extremely important to us. That’s why we use several layers of technology to protect your information including a unique User ID and Password and encryption for all your online transactions.

Review the information and links below to learn more about ways to identify, prevent and report fraud, how your information and accounts are protected, and tips you can follow to keep your identity and information safe.


Keeping your information safe is our shared responsibility. Learn more about what we do to protect you and what you can do to protect your personal information and help safeguard your accounts from unauthorized activity.

Preventing Fraud
Identifying and Reporting Fraud
Digital System Security


We follow a clear set of guidelines each time we contact you about your accounts or share your information with our affiliates. Learn more about these policies, review tips, and discover additional ways you can protect your information.

Privacy Policy
Identity Theft Resources
LifeLock Identity Theft Protection